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Find out how we helped our clients

Find out how we helped our clients

Case studies

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  • Qantas

    The challenge

    Qantas has been carrying out Revenue Integrity using a variety of solution components, based upon data feeds from their Teradata data warehouse for in excess of 14 years. The components included robotics, reports, macros and manual processes. They wanted to bring these together into a single, flexible solution that would enable them to use both out-of-the-box RI functions and to create their own using PNR, Ticket and Flown data.

    The solution

    The Anari team worked with Qantas to deliver the IRIS solution including a number of developments to provide Qantas with greater flexibility in terms of detection, action and live checks. This included definition and delivery of a wide range of RI functions including Booked vs. Ticketed functions.

    Qantas engaged Anari because we required a flexible 3rd generation Revenue Integrity solution, that would replace and enhance the current 1st generation RI system and capabilities.

    Anari proved to be flexible in their approach and open to meeting our diverse requirements. The working relationship with Anari is constructive and professional with a focus on reaching common goals. The system has proven to be flexible and an enabler to allow the Qantas Revenue Integrity team to reach for new targets that the 1st generation system would not.

    Simon Ritchie
    Manager Revenue Integrity

  • Virgin Atlantic

    The challenge

    Anari has worked with Virgin Atlantic on a wide variety of business challenges. Members of the Anari team designed and developed their first PNR data warehouse (a forerunner of our current SAND data warehouse) using operational data extracted from the HP Shares reservation system. They also converted it to become a wider commercial solution with the addition of Ticket data from the VS Revenue Accounting system.

    The solution

    The Anari team has assisted with various commercial projects involving airline data – from developing a Management Information Strategy, to creating a database of unique customers, and more recently to extracting forward booked passenger details for use in the VS Customer Marketing Database.

    We’ve been working with Anari since they were established in late 2006, and have a key dependency on the booking data warehouse they built for us to feed and underpin our global data-driven marketing activities.

    The Anari team completely understand our business requirements and the challenges we face.  This has helped us forge a collaborate partnership continuously improving the solution, driven by their wealth of support and airline data expertise when and where it really counts.

    Darren Drew
    Database Marketing and CRM Manager, Loyalty Marketing

  • Emirates

    The challenge

    Emirates has a justifiable reputation for offering excellent customer service, and its Skywards frequent flier programme and pre-flight communication strategy is an integral part of this. They wanted to be able to extend appropriate communications such as flight updates and offers of Skywards membership to as many passengers as possible, but uniquely identifying people in the form of a contactable Single Customer View has proved challenging.

    The Anari team used its experience of commercial data sets across the passenger booking life-cycle, along with its Passenger and Customer Profiling techniques to develop a working prototype to identify the maximum possible number of contactable customer records pre-flight. This is being integrated into EK's IT landscape for use as part of the customer communications strategy.

  • Aeroflot

    The challenge

    Aeroflot has been carrying out basic Revenue Integrity comprising TTL warnings and cancellations, and Duplicate and Incomplete Itinerary checks using a variety of solution components for 7 years. The components used included reports from the SU SAP data warehouse, simple robotics, and daily manual processes.

    They wanted to bring these together into a single, flexible solution that would enable them to use a much wider range of out-of-the-box RI functions and to be able to create their own flexible, automated processes.

    The solution

    The Anari team have worked with Aeroflot for two years to migrate the IRIS solution to a high-speed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. This has included a number of developments to cater for Aeroflot-specific requirements such as a daily high-period flight feed from Revenue Management.

    Aeroflot engaged Anari for its RI solution because they wanted a high-speed, cost-effective, hosted solution. The supplier had to be prepared to tailor the solution to meet the market needs.

    Anari were flexible in their approach and have developed a strong working relationship that is focused on delivering real value. Aeroflot-specific challenges such as Group Waitlists, Blacklist Handling and Out of Control Tickets have all been accommodated using the flexibility of the Anari solution.

  • Kenya Airways

    The challenge

    Kenya Airways is a warm, caring, friendly, truly African airline – The Pride of Africa. In late 2010 the airline’s Revenue Optimisation project team went through the process of selecting a Revenue Integrity solution provider to deal with many of the airline’s booking quality challenges.

    As part of the process, Anari carried out an analysis of KQ bookings (we refer to this as ARID Analysis) which found problems with duplicate bookings, MCT violations, group naming and various ticketing issues. The objective of this project was to solve those problems identified and many other booking quality challenges too. One of the key requirements was to provide flexible working, with both automated and manual processes. Another requirement was to ensure the flexibility to enable KQ staff to modify rules and add new RI functions.

    The solution

    Through a robust RFP process the Anari IRIS solution was selected in early 2012, with a UK-based partner company delivering a hosted platform for the solution. Following a five-month implementation, IRIS reached Go Live before KQ’s summer peak season.

    Three components from our IRIS suite were implemented (SAND, ARID and CKPI) to load and utilise daily PNR data from the Amadeus CRS, with results being fed to KQ’s existing robotic tool. Initially a range of PNR-based RI functions were delivered including Duplicates, MCTs, Married Logic, Cross Border Sales and Hidden Groups. A second phase has added Ticket-based RI functions such as Booked vs. Ticketed Class, Special Prorate Agreement and Fare Rule checks.

    During both phases the RI Rules – the workflow by which actions are determined – has been specified together with the customer, and the skills to alter the configuration have been passed to the users through both formal education and coaching. The ARID component makes such changes easy to perform by trained RI Analysts.

    ARID is a robust, user-friendly and highly customizable Revenue Integrity solution. Anari provides us an enthusiastic support team that is prompt and always more than willing to go the extra mile to assist.

    Mary Nyabuto
    Manager Airline Distribution and Systems

  • Fiji Airways

    The challenge

    Fiji Airways was our second SAND, ARID and CKPI customer. We were engaged to help them when they migrated from being Qantas-hosted for reservations to their own Amadeus Altea system. They needed to replicate existing sales reporting, frequent flier accruals and revenue integrity functions. They also had a desire to improve upon their commercial reporting by combining RM forecast with booked, sold and flown data to compare versus budget.

    The solution

    Three components from our IRIS suite were implemented (SAND, ARID and CKPI) to load and utilise daily PNR data from the Amadeus CRS. In order to meet the business need, several tailored enhancements were developed in order to satisfy FJ requirements:

    - An extract from the airlines Passenger Revenue Accounting system was developed to enable both sold and flown ticket details to be loaded to the SAND data warehouse. 

    - An import of forecast demand from the FJ Revenue Management system was also developed, along with complex Average Passenger Value calculations.

    - A data export for FFP program accruals was developed in order to enable FJ to investigate retrospective mileage claims from the airline’s passengers and those of its FFP partners

    - Anari consultants also led a Business Intelligence (BI) Review which defined a series of commercial reports that were built upon the SAND data warehouse using Fiji Airways chosen BI tool (SAP BusinessObjects).

    Throughout this project, Anari took a flexible approach to product delivery in order to ensure that the existing functionality was replicated and that the new business needs were met.

    We have been using the Anari SAND data warehouse, ARID revenue integrity and CKPI reporting solutions from 2011 and in the past 4 years we have found the solutions to meet all our expectations in terms of PNR data feed storage, retrieval of data/reporting and revenue integrity checks. The support service provided by Anari is very good with excellent turnaround times. The staff are very supportive and display very good understanding of their products.

    Shalendra Nair
    General Manager, Revenue Management

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